Intelligent Components Technology Zhuhai Ltd. (China) was established by TRILUX GmbH & Co. KG in July 1999, located in Zhuhai City, one of the four Special Economic Zones which was established in 1980s with Chinese Reform and Open Policy.


With German technology, ICT specializes in developing and manufacturing inductive components for different applications. These applications include lighting electronics, home appliances, health cares, solar energy inverter, switching-mode power supply etc.

Besides, ICT provide the electronic manufacturing service (EMS) to various OEM customers such as igniter, electronic transformer, electronic ballast, LED driver and other electronic assemblies.


After so many years of development and expanding, ICT has become an enterprise with more than 3000 employees and the total area is about 56,000 M². With the high performance in technology and strong worldwide sales network, ICT offers development solutions and manufacturing services, and our products have been sold worldwide.


ICT will never stop improvement and innovation, and will be actively involved in the international competition and co-operation, keep the commitment to customers and employees, take social responsibility and make our company more and more international and competitive.


?Copy Right of Intelligent Components Technology Zhuhai Ltd. (China)
No.912, Dexiang Road, Pingsha Town, Zhuhai City, P.R.C. Post Code: 519055
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